We offer Paso Robles wine tours you won’t forget

Elegant Image Wine Tours services the Paso Robles region, based along the Californian Central Coast. With 23 years of customer service experience and with the largest fleet in the San Luis Obispo region, we have you covered. Our fleet is newly updated vehicles and have all types you desire, for your specific journey. We specialize in wine tours, offering services for all desired occasions.

We want you to be completely in control of making your wine tasting journey perfect, the choice is simply yours—whether you want just one place, or you want to mix it up around the region.

We are happy to plan your trip for you, just let us know and we will make your wine tour extra special. 

Do yourself a favor and find your perfect plan to visit one of California’s most beautiful coasts, Paso Robles, arrive in style with your feet up and let your taste buds thank you for the unique wine tasting experience that we know you won’t forget.